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Wolf Pack Trucking

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Basic Tips

Basic Gameplay Tips

Stay Active!
As a new driver it is best for you to stay as active as possible. Remember, you can't make money if you truck is sitting idle. Also, to best use the Fatigue Point system to your advantage you need to stay very active. Wanna knwo more about that system? Just join Wolf Pack and visit the Company CB section of the forums!
Ask Questions and Learn!
A frequent mistake made by new drivers is not using all of the information available to their advantage. Often new drivers made rookie mistakes that could easily be avoided just by reading the game guide and talking to more experienced drivers. You can do all of that and more if you join Wolf Pack.
Plan Ahead!
In Trukz strategy and planning are both very important. Make sure that you plan your routes ahead of time. This includes selecting a good route, profitable cargo, and keeping your rig in top condition. For tips on all of these sign up for the pack now!
Upgrade and Improve!
In the game you can add many items to your truck. Some help out your fuel economy, speed, cargo capacity, or other game features. It is important to add items that will help you travel faster and at a lower cost. It's also important to decide when upgrades are better, or if it is tiem to buy a new truck. For more tips on purchase items and game strategy, sign up for Wolf Pack Trucking now!
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